Before joining academia, I gained 5+ years of rich and diverse experience in consulting and other roles. I had the opportunity to work for different organizations across different geographies (for small, medium & large clients based in India, the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, USA, and Australia); for different industry verticals (banking, financial services, telecom, education, retail, manufacturing); in different settings (in an IT services & consulting firm, in an IT consumer firm, in an IT product firm); performing different roles (process & IT consulting, package consulting & implementation, program & project management, pre-sales & sales, delivery & relationship management, and the complete software development cycle); at different stages of product lifecycle (new offerings, proof of concepts, existing products, mature IT projects). I have also designed professional courses, developed teaching and evaluation materials, and conducted training programs ranging from 1-hour lectures to 24-hour, multi-session courses, at the organizations I served earlier.

As an academic, I have provided consulting and advisory services on IT strategy, future scenario building, emerging technologies, enterprise systems, and competitive strategy to technology and service start-ups located in the United States, Hong Kong and India. I have also conducted extensive field research with manufacturing organizations on IT practices and innovation capabilities. I wish to continue providing onsite consulting, executive education and emerging technology & future scenario analysis for large and small companies.

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