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Academic Awards & Honors

I received a Doctoral Fellowship from Emory University (2007-2012) and was named a Sheth Doctoral Fellow in 2009 and a Goizueta Fellow in 2011. I received a Seed Funding Grant for Basic Research from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and have received numerous travel and training grants from HKU and Emory University (2012, 2011, 2009, 2008). I was selected to attend the Doctoral Consortium at the 2011 Americas Conference on Information Systems held in Detroit, the Doctoral Consortium at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (OCIS Division) held in San Antonio and the Doctoral Consortium at the 2011 International Conference on Information Systems held in Shanghai, China. I have also been recognized for my superior teaching leadership in Goizueta Business School’s highly ranked Executive MBA Program. Most recently, my paper at the Thirty Third International Conference on Information Systems was nominated for the Best Paper Award.

Academic Affiliations & Service

I am a member of the Association of Information Systems, the Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society and INFORMS. I am currently serving as the Review Coordinator for the Thirty Fourth International Conference on Information Systems, as a Co-Chair for a Mini-Track on “IT Takes the Lead in Strategic Business Initiatives” at the Nineteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems, and as a Co-Editor of a Special Issue on 3D3C Virtual Worlds in The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research. In the past, I have served as a  Co-Chair of a Mini-Track on “Impact of IT on Strategic Innovation & Competitive Advantage” at the Eighteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems held in Seattle, 2012. I have also served as a reviewer for journals (Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, European Journal of Information Systems, International Journal of Information Management) and conferences (International Conference on Information Systems, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (OCIS & TIM Divisions), Americas Conference on Information Systems, and Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems). At Emory University, I organized Ivory StairCase, a Doctoral Student Conference on Interdisciplinary Research at the Goizueta Business School from 2008-2011.

Past Recognitions

Prior to commencing my Ph.D. studies, I held various positions of responsibility. At IIM Indore, I was Secretary of the Placement Committee during my second year and was a member of the Placement Committee in my first year. During my undergrad, I was the Joint Secretary of FIT, Delhi University’s society of BIT & BIS students, and was the Head of the Placement Cell. At different organizations that I worked for in the past, I was the Editor-in-Charge of the corporate newsletter, managed the content of the corporate website, was a member of the editorial team for the practice newsletter, and received a Best Project Award. I have been recognized as a distinguished alumni by IIM Indore in BusinessToday, an Indian business magazine, and Hindustan Times, an Indian English daily newspaper.

Technical & Business Skills

I have been dabbling with computer hardware and software since an early age and was quite adept at building computers and tinkering with hardware. I have varying levels of expertise and exposure to different statistical software (R, Stata, LISREL, SmartPLS, SAS, SPSS), programming languages & platforms (Visual Basic, ASP.Net, Java, JavaScript, JSP, C, C++, C#), databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access), and enterprise software (Microsoft CRM, Amdocs CRM, Microsoft Ax ERP, Microsoft Nav ERP, SAP). I have worked and gained expertise in several business processes including Telecom Service Assurance, Customer Relationship Management, Telecom Service Fulfilment, Service Management, Transaction Banking (Cash Management), Point of Sales, Customer Query Resolution, Knowledge Management, Document & Content Management, and Work Flow Management. I also received several Internal organizational certifications on enterprise systems and business processes, a Microsoft Business Solutions Professional Certification and a Six Sigma Green Belt certification (by the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore).

Personal Interests

Besides being a researcher, I am a technology enthusiast, an avid gamer and a voracious reader. My reading interests span across a wide range of subjects, including theology, philosophy, history, culture, economics, higher education and social upliftment. I have also experienced irregular streaks of literary & artistic creativity as a poet (I recited self-composed English poems on All India Radio), a story writer (my short stories, written in English, appeared in school & college publications) and a stage artist (I performed in English language inter-school dramatics).

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