Working Papers

• Kathuria, A., Fontaine, A., and Prietula, M., “Knowledge, Culture and Technology Acquisitions,” *.

• Kathuria, A., Prietula, M., and Konsynski, B. “Plurality versus Synergy of Identity and IT Capability,” *.

• Kathuria, A. and Konsynski, B., “Organizational Ambidexterity – is IT the missing link?,” *.

• Kathuria, A. and Konsynski, B., “Role of IT Capability in Facilitating Organizational Ambidexterity: Evidence from India,” *.

• Saldanha, T., Kathuria, A.,and Khuntia, J. “Service Digitization and Value,” *.

• Kathuria, A., and Yen, B. “IT Capabilities and Cybage,” 2014.*.

• Khuntia, J., Kathuria, A., Saldanha, T., and Tanniru, M. “Digitized Flexibility in Services,” *.

• Andrade Rojas, M. G., Kathuria, A., and Farhoomand, A. “Internal Resources and Competitive Brokerage,” *.

• Andrade Rojas, M. G., and Kathuria, A. “Information Management Capability, External Resources and Competition Networks,” *.


• Celly, N., Kathuria, A., Han, M., and Andrade Rojas, M. G. “Omne Trium Perfectum: Strategic Multidexterity in Emerging Market Environments,”.

• Kathuria, A. and Prietula, M., “Criticality of IT-enabled Learning Mechanisms in External Ambidexterity,”.

• Khuntia, J., Saldanha, T., and Kathuria, A. “Leveraging IT-Enabled Strategic Flexibilities for Firm Performance: MNCs Versus Local Firms in an Emerging Economy”.

• Kathuria, A., Andrade Rojas, M. G., Saldanha, T., and Khuntia, J. “Extent versus Range of Service Digitization: Implications for Firm Performance,”.

• Andrade Rojas, M. G., and Kathuria, A. “Unraveling the Mechanisms of Information Management Capability and Firm Performance: The Mediation Effects of Competitive Positioning,”.


* title changed to facilitate blind review at a journal.

Copies of working papers available upon request.


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